Events in Cebu - Slabadu

The Slabadu is proud to be one of those well know event locations in Cebu. This page will keep you informed which special events are hosted in our Slabadu music bar. Cebu's finest events and special gigs. All you need to do is invite your friends and be part of it. Slabadu is host of Cebu's best music events. Stay on top with us. Enjoy and have some serious fun and entertainment here in Cebu at Slabadu.

Events in Cebu - Slabadu

Ladies night i cebu slabadu

Ladies Night now every Wednesday in Cebu. Entrance free for all the ladies here in Slabadu. Enjoy Fire & Lites, Joefre C. and Interact.

Music Nuts - now every Friday and Saturday - music and laughter


Music Nuts - now every Friday and Saturday - music and laughter

Graduation BLOWOUT concert March 29 2014

Featuring Monica's single Hit album. Saturday 6:30 - 9:00 PM.

Season of Love

Christmas event in Slabadu

Christmas Show down - Jingle Bell Rock Dez. 27 & 28.

Charity and Benefit show

Charity event

Charity event for the victims of Haiyan in Slabadu Cebu Philippines

Nov. 22 and 23. The Slabadu invites you to this charity event in Cebu. The profit goes to the benefit of the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban, Leyte - Iloilo. Together we are stronger.

Halloween Party in Cebu at Slabadu Oct. 31

Halloween Party a special event in Cebu at the Slabadu

Halloween Party at the Slabadu. Oct. 31 2013. 6PM - Show starts at 8PM Don't miss the fun and enjoy Fire&Lites, Interact, Tops on Spot and Joefre C. Get thrilled by the Apocalyptic Halloween Party here in Cebu. Spread the word and bring some friends. Share and invite your folks right here. Let's make it one of the most remarkable Halloween Party in Cebu. We are ready, are you ready too?

Are you coming? What kind of event at our Slabadu you like to be part of?


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Now Ladies Night

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Pictures of Halloween Oct 2013 at the Slabadu