FIRE & LITES at Slabadu - let's  party in CebuStarted out in Oct. 2011, the members of Fire & Lites (Bogart,Willie and Louie came from the legendary Firelights Band. Marvin, Boy,Alan and Bogart from the renowned Fusison Wave), formed Fire & Lites to capture a wide audience, breaking all the barriers between market classes and music genre. Most of them have been in the music industry more than 30 years. Being true to themselves, their faith, their music and their audience is their secret to success.

Fire & Lites Cebu's premiere band

As Cebu's premiere band, they inspired a lot of upp and coming groups and helped shape the course of the band scene in the city today. Their repertoire seems to be endless and for sure they will give you a good time and party in Cebu's finest music location here in the Slabadu.

Musicians of Fire & Lites

Raleo Ygot "Bogart" - male vocals / rythm guitars

Louela Ygot "Willie" - female vocals

Marvin Alejandria - keybords

Rufino Cabaral "Boy" - bass guitars

Alejandro Lebumfacil "Allan" - lead guitars

Lean Ygot,Jr. "Louie" - drums

The members have traveled far and wide and marveled not only within the Philippines but through Southeast Asia, Australia, USA, South America, the Caribiean Islands, Antartica and Europe. Nothing seems to stop them and they continue to expound abroad on the famous cruise liners - Star Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises.

Let the Fire & Lites serenade you here in the Slabadu.


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