Great Ideas

Great Ideas at Slabadu - Party Band in Cebu.Great Ideas means party pure. Cherryl Comedia Arranguez and Jikir Arranguez are not just married to each other. They and the Great Ideas are bounded to music for a lifetime as well.

Great Ideas - when party meets Cebu

A great bandwidth of music from Disco sound of the 70ies and 80ies , the good old times of Rock'n Roll, Retro, Pop and Jazz is what you get when Great Ideas entering the stage. Delivering a furious firework of musical entertainment for you. This is the time when party meets Cebu in the Slabadu.

About Great Ideas

Founded in 2005 by Jikir Arranguez as leader of the band, but active since far more years in the music scene on stages not just in the Philippines. Cherryl and Jikir started out in 1988 with their music career and spend 5 years in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia and had sveral more destinations in Asia and Bahrain.

Together as group they are part of the entertainment crew of the Celebrity Cruise ship since 2006 and bringing their love and passion for music to thousands of people across the ocean.

Cherryl Comedia Arranguez - female vocals

Jikir Arranguez - male vocals & band leader

Arsenio Climaco - keybord / piano

Rafael Abas - bass guitars

Eugene Navarette - lead guitars

Vincent Estrella - drums

Let Great Ideas take your breath away with their furious live performance and show at the Slabadu music bar in Cebu.


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