The musicians and bands at Slabadu

Some pointers of our musicians and bands at the Slabadu in Cebu Mandaue City. Who they are, what they like and what you can expect?

JOEFRE Capangpangan

Joefre Capangpangan at the Slabadu Jazz music clubJoefre Capangpangan brings the Jazz into the Slabadu. Playing Saxophone and Flute, the jazz fills the room and Joefre plays the jazz as lively as you might have never seen before. Jazz and Blues music at it's best.

Just returned from several Music journeys at Ocean Cruisers and his performances in Europe, he is now the featured musician at the Slabadu. Read more about Joefre Capangpangan



Fire & Lites

Fire & Lites at Slabadu live music in CebuWillie ( center )Bogart musician front singer of Fire & LitesWillie musician front singer of Fire & Lites Fire & Lites, live music at Slabadu

Fire&Lites, Bogart and Willie are the houseband of the Slabadu in Cebu. Fire & Lites stands as one of Cebu's most durable band in Cebu today and they continue to be an ever- innovative musical force in the music industry.

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Interact at Slabadu live music in CebuInteract with Cherry May Fernandez Poole live music in Cebu at the SlabaduCherry May Fernandez Poole live at SlabaduInteract singers live music in Cebu at Slabadu

Interact brings you all the way back to the 60ies and right away you will find yourself back into the present days. More about Interact

TOPS on SPOT are now Harmony&Rythm

Tops on Spot at Slabadu live music in CebuCherry May Fernandez Poole live at Slabadu with Tops on SpotIvan Joseph live at Slabadu, founder of Topson SpotMay and Ivan live music in Cebu at SlabaduMay, Ivan and Christy live music in Cebu at SlabaduChristy Deiparine live at Slabadu

Tops on Spot the former TOPS were founded by Ivan Joseph. Now the Group is Harmony&Rythm. Basically Tops on Spot minus Ivan Joseph. Harmony&Rythm do like to perform the commercial pop jazz or as they call it the "Bubble Gum music". A fine collection of live performed music through all the decades of modern times.

Great Ideas

Great Ideas at Slabadu live music in CebuCherryl-Comedia-Arranguez at Slabadu live music in CebuJikir Arranguez at Slabadu live music in CebuJikir and Cherryl Arranguez at Slabadu live music in CebuGreat Ideas live Band, Party at Slabadu in Cebu

Great Ideas, not just a promising name, Great music as well - live music performed at the stage at Slabadu. Rock n Roll, comes alive with Great Ideas. Jazz, Pop,Retro and the disco sound of the 70/80ies brings the party to Cebu into the Slabadu.

read more about Great Ideas

Musisc Nuts

Music Nuts at SlabaduMusic Nuts at Slabadu

Music Nuts at SlabaduMusic Nuts at Slabadu

Music and Laughter brought to you by Music Nuts. Listen carefully! As they are not just crazy about music - they are just nuts :)


Music Nuts at Slabadu

Sonata is on the way to Europe. Cebu's Party Band just came back from one of their cruise ship tours and anchored in Slabadu. Take the chance to listen to songs from the 60ies to the 90ies and present days. Well Tina Turner will like it. You will too - you bet. Sonata welcomes you every Tuesday until November 2014. for more pictures visit PhilippinesBest at Facebook

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Alvin Ritchie (Acoustic Guitar Music)

Music Nuts at Slabadu

Classic Folk and Country Music. You want to listen to Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, John Denver, Peter,Paul & Mary Alvin brings them to you and much more. Acoustic Guitar music at it's finest.

Neil Seraspe

Music Nuts at Slabadu

Together with Fire&Lites (Friday and Saturday)

Joy Kristine "JK" Acustic Guitar

Music Nuts at Slabadu

(Saturday start at 8 PM)

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